Food Safety at Ippolito International

Herman Cossio, Director of Food Safety, conducting a group training session.


Above. And Beyond.

Food safety is of the utmost importance at Ippolito International: From executive management to our harvesters, all employees take an active role in our food safety program.

Our core strength lies in the control we maintain over all aspects of our operation. We grow and harvest 80% of our Salinas production ourselves through our own entities Queen Victoria Farms and Coast King Packing, LLC. Coast King Packing harvests 80% of our total outside volume grown by highly respected growers. Having this direct control over all phases of our products from seed to shipping allows us to maintain the strict care and handling procedures we feel necessary to provide the highest quality products and service.

  • All ranches are GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified.
  • All ranches are compliant with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act’s requirements.
  • All ranches are compliant with California and Arizona Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement requirements.
  • Our procedures are verified at three levels: internal, third party and state audits. The Leafy Greens Association in California and Arizona Primus Labs and NSF Davis Fresh conduct these third-party audits.
  • Our highly-experienced food safety team works diligently each day in the field to ensure our products are fresh and safely–handled at all times. Our approach to food safety is to train and empower all of our employees so they have a vested interest in maintaining the program’s integrity thus creating a strong food safety culture. We go above and beyond what’s required by the state and federal government by conducting impromptu inspections and rigorous training for all of our field foreman and supervisors on an ongoing basis.

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Food Safety