Value-Added Fresh Vegetables

Here’s our world: a strong team of growers out in the field, an experienced harvest crew that knows when to make the first cuts, and a top-notch production department that sorts, chops, washes and packages our freshly harvested produce into convenient packages for you and your family.

Pre-Washed and Prepped

Brussels Sprouts

When it comes to Brussels Sprouts, Queen Victoria rules! As the largest supplier in North America, we've been an integral part of this vegetable's farming history (and success). Our roots in Brussels sprouts go back to the beginning of this crop's launch in California.

Brussels Sprouts Whole

Brussels Sprouts Halves 1lb

Brussels Sprouts Halves

Brussels Sprouts Chips

Brussels Sprouts Chips

QV Organic Brussels sprouts 2lb bag front

Organic Brussels Sprouts


Our Brussels Sprouts are packaged for foodservice.

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Chopped Greens

Queen Victoria makes it easy to enjoy fresh, traditional Southern cuisine with washed and ready-to-eat chopped greens. Collards, mustards, turnips, and even a mix of the three. Our Trio blend gives you outstanding versatility in the kitchen. Organics are also available! So nutritious these are a delight to prepare fresh in the saute pan.

Collards 32 oz. bag


QV Turnip Greens 32oz bag


QV Mustard greens 16oz


QV Kale 16oz



Our Chopped Greens are packaged for foodservice.

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Cut Vegetables

You know you love broccoli. You know you love cauliflower. So why not enjoy it already washed and cut into delicate, gorgeous florettes? Queen Victoria offers a medley of products that make it easy to spend less time chopping, more time enjoying.

Vegetable Medley

Vegetable Medley


Our Cut Vegetables are packaged for foodservice.

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Salads, etc.

For salads with crunch, taste and versatility -- and don't forget nutrition! Queen Victoria has lots to offer.

Organic Spring Mix 5oz

Organic Salads

Sweet legacy plate

Conventional Salads

Curly Parsley plate


10oz spinach bag



Our Salads, Spinach and Herbs are packaged for foodservice.

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