Organic Brussels Sprouts

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Brussels Sprouts Whole – Organic

When it comes to Organic Brussels Sprouts,
Queen Victoria rules!

As the largest supplier in North America, we’ve been an integral part of this vegetable’s farming history (and success). Our roots in Brussels sprouts go back to the beginning of this crop’s launch in California.

As we farm, we keep our eye on maintaining optimal plant and soil health. Once we harvest, our focus is similarly trained on making sure that your packaged organic Brussels sprouts meet quality and freshness expectations. Our freshly harvested organic Brussels sprouts are inspected as soon as they arrive at our value-added facility and graded according to USDA #1 guidelines.

Whole Organic Brussels Sprouts are packaged for your convenience – and ready to be enjoyed!

Brussels Sprouts

Cooking Tips:

Organic Brussels sprouts can be roasted with a little olive oil and bacon, or sautéed on the stove top with olive oil, garlic and a bit of salt. Sheet pan dinners with Organic Brussels sprouts are a hit – – they take time to slow roast, so plan ahead: Toss Organic Brussels sprouts with olive oil, add sliced bacon and salt, then spread evenly on sheet pan. Roast at 375 degrees for 1-2 hours, checking periodically. Organic Brussels sprouts are ready to eat when slightly caramelized and fork-tender.


Excellent source of vitamins C & K.Good source of folate, vitamin B 6 and fiber.
Low calorie.

Preparation Tips

Our thorougly washed Organic Brussels sprouts are ready to enjoy! No need to wash or trim.

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