February 2024

Ippolito International’s New Hires!


January 2024

Kristen Santangelo, Sara Lozano, Stephanie Hilton, Lara Grossman, and Matt Mandel Share New Year’s Messages and More

December 2023

As an Aldi employee of two years, I know that the German brand stocks a lot of unique, affordable products. Here are 10 of my favorite things to get at Aldi.

November 2023

Ippolito International’s Alexis Nishihara Discusses Hot Demand Amid Tighter Green Onion Supply

October 2023

September 2023

Ocean Mist Farms, Ippolito International, and More Share Brussels Sprouts Market Update


August 2023

Ben Wilson, Dan Canales, And Crystal Chavez Detail Tight Brussels Sprouts Market


July 2023

Ippolito International’s Sarah Clarke Details Florentino Cauliflower Variety


July 2023

Ippolito International Readies Brussels Sprouts Lineup for IFPA Foodservice Conference; Lara Grossman Details

May 2023

Ippolito International’s Katie Dozier Details Tight Brussels Sprout Market

March 2023

Let’s Talk California Asparagus with Caleb Randall

March 2023

Ippolito International’s Katie Dozier Informs Produce Community on Brussels Sprouts 

January 2023

Ippolito International Shares Brussels Sprouts Program Details; Katie Dozer Comments

December 2022

Lara Grossman Digs Into Ippolito International’s Brussels Sprouts Climb in Popularity and Promotions

November 2022

Ippolito International’s Katie Dozier Details High Brussels Sprouts Market

November 2022

Iceberg Lettuce Market Sees Limited Supplies and High Pricing; Juan Gonzalez and Bill Vargas Share Details

October 2022

Ippolito International Launches New Field Packages Leafy Herb Trio; Dan Canales Comments

October 2022

Broccoli Supply Tight with Strong Demand as the Industry Anticipates a Slow Arizona/Mexico Start; Ippolito International’s Jacob Abramson Discusses

September 27, 2022

Jacob Abramson Provides Insights On Broccoli Market

September 22, 2022

Sarah Clark Shares Update on Cauliflower Market


August 2022

Ceily Hepner and Jacob Abramson Join Ippolito International


July 2022

Katie Dozier Provides Market Update on Brussels Sprouts


June 2022

Keith Mallett named Chief Operating Officer of Ippolito International

April 2022

Diana Alvarez and Zachary Taylor Join Ippolito Sales Department


March 2022

Sarah Clarke Details Supply and Demand Aspects of Cauliflower Market


December 2021

Sarah Clarke Talks Cauliflower’s Promotable Volume

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December 2021

Dan Canales Joins Industry Leaders to Share Thoughts on 2021

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November 2021

Katie Dozier Explains Seasonal Price Fluctuation in Brussels Sprouts Market

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November 2021

Greg Heinz Informs Industry Reasons Behind the Tight Broccoli Supply

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August 2021

Katie Harreld Gives the Fall Forecast for Brussels Sprouts


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July 2021

Ippolito International Launches Florentino Baby Cauliflower; Sarah Clarke Comments


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June 2021

Bill Vargas Describes Current Iceberg Lettuce Market Conditions and Quality


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May 2021

Lara Grossman Reflects on Ippolito’s Growth

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April 2021

Greg Heinz Shares Update on Broccoli Market and Quality

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April 2021

Dan Canales Shares Insights on the 2021 SEPC Southern Exposure Tradeshow

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March 2021

Katie Harreld Featured In The Snack Magazine

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February 2021

Ippolito International Welcomes Greg Heinz to its Sales Team

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January 2021

John Landa Shares Thoughts on the Cauliflower Market

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January 2021

Ty Schurman Discusses Broccoli Market

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November 2020

John Landa shares market outlook on cauliflower

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September 2020

Ippolito welcomes Ty Schurman and Kyle Narcisco to its Sales team!

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August 2020

Lara Grossman introduces new Queen Victoria chopped greens products:

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August 2020

Bill Vargas Talks Tight Lettuce Market:

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May 2020

As seen in AndNowUKnow, Ippolito introduces new Legacy salad blends:

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April 2020

John Landa and Bill Vargas update the produce community on broccoli and cauliflower:

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May 2018

Michele McNeece, Ippolito’s National Director of Business Development, shares a few of her favorite things – in this month’s issue of The Snack.

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Ippolito’s Vice President of Sales, Henry Dill, goes “Behind The Greens” to talk shop about Asparagus.

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April 2018

Ippolito International Earns Two TRUE Gold Certifications for Zero Waste Initiative – First Grower-Shipper in Monterey County.

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March 2018

Brussels Sprouts continue to gain in popularity – Butch Corda, Ippolito’s General Manager, talks about consumer demand.

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Brussels Sprouts booming for Ippolito

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February 2018

Ippolito hires Alicia Blanco in newly created full time Marketing position and Patrick Collins as Vice President of Agriculture Operations and adds Asparagus to its produce line up.

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January 2018

Katie Harreld talks Brussels Sprouts with AndNowYouKnow.

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July 2017

Ippolito International adds ORGANIC products!  The July issue of SNACK magazine gives all the details:

Read about our NEW ORGANIC program here

September 2016

Brittany Trebino gives the latest scoop on spinach.
Read about it on ANUK here.

ANUK’s Jessica Donnel picks Queen Victoria Value Added Brussels Sprouts as one of her faves from this summer’s PMA Foodservice Show. Check it out in the September Snack Magazine.


August 2016

One of our favorite recipes hits the WTF (What the Fork) category of the latest Snack Magazine! You’ll never want deep fried anything else after you’ve tried these!


July 2016

Ippolito International sponsors the 2016 Joe Nucci Memorial Golf Tournament at the annual PMA Foodservice Conference in Monterey, California. Golfers participated in a Brussels Sprout putting and chipping challenge!

See photos here at the Center For Growing Talent by PMA website

April 2016

Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Processing Dan Canales shares info on new “Queen Victoria” retail and foodservice Brussels sprout and spinach packs.

See the full scoop here on And Now You Know.

Always nice to hear from our satisfied customers!


March 2016

Ippolito International’s new Brussels Sprout facility makes And Now You Know headlines.

SALINAS, CA – In a response to the company’s flourishing Brussels sprouts deal, Ippolito International has built a new, 40,000-square-foot packing facility adjacent to its Salinas, CA, offices. Read full article here

Ippolito showcases new Brussels Sprout microwaveable pouch product line at NGA show in Las Vegas

See photo here

February 2016

Dan Canales joins Ippolito as Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Processing.

Read ‘And Now You Know’ article here

Read ‘The Packer’ article here

Read ‘Perishable Pundit’ article here

Ippolito expands its sales team with the addition of Monica Guidotti and
Katelyn Culver.

Read full article here

Ippolito Vice President of Sales Tami Gutierrez discusses current cauliflower supplies and markets.

Read full article here

January 2016

Ippolito Sales Manager and Brussels Sprout Commodity Manager Katie Harreld explains high sprout market conditions.

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December 2015

Ippolito’s Grower-Partner Ron Mondo talks Brussels sprout Stalks-a customer fall and winter favorite!

Watch the video here

Butch Corda, Ippolito General Manager discusses new projects and products for 2016.

Read full article here

October 2015

Ippolito’s New Brussels Sprout Microwaveable Pouch Bags: Featured on And Now You Know~Jessica’s Picks for PMA Fresh Summit 2015 Products that Stood Out on the Show Floor

Anyone who knows me knows I am a Brussels Sprouts fiend, and one of my favorite new products featuring one of my favorite veggies was Ippolito’s new value-added line. Read full article here.

September 2015

Ippolito International Feature in Grocery Headquarters Fresh Food Handbook 2015-2016

Butch Corda, general manager of Ippolito International, says Brussels sprout stalks are a fun item that is enjoying increased popularity, especially during holidays. Read full article here.

Featured Farm on Baldor – Ippolito Produce, CA & AZ – North America’s Largest Brussels Sprouts Supplier

Baldor, a customer of Ippolito International, featured the farm on their website, describing what Ippolito International does in the world of Brussels sprouts. Read full article here.