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Bring on the Greens!

A tribute to the American South, Queen Victoria brings haute cuisine to everybody’s kitchen in the form of fresh chopped greens that can be enjoyed sautéed, fresh, or blended.

Remember to add to soups and stews, and of course, smoothies for a powerful nutritional boost!

Chopped Collard Greens with Soba Noodles and Thai Peanut Dressing

Cooking Tips:

Chopped greens can be used in many ways. The easiest, quickest way to enjoy their distinctive flavor is by cooking on top of the stove.
With a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, you can enjoy fresh cooking greens in minutes. As you gain confidence, cooking greens are ripe for experimentation – – lemon juice, garlic, parmeson, and shallots are all easy riffs on this convenient mealtime staple.


Excellent source of vitamins C, K and folate. Good source of calcium and fiber.
Low calorie.

Preparation Tips:

Our chopped greens are pre-washed and ready to enjoy.

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