Sustainability at Ippolito International

Sustainability is the core of our business

“As a company we have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves—are you being efficient? Are you doing the right things for energy, water, and waste? Are we treating our people right?” ~Butch Corda, General Manger Ippolito International

Whether it is in the processing facility, our business offices, or on our ranches, Ippolito International has always been committed to sustainability practices in all areas of our operations.
This means reducing the use of precious resources, doing more with less through increasing efficiency, and providing good jobs for our employees while using good business management practices for building a sustainable company.
We understand you can’t manage it if you don’t measure it so in 2015 we began formalizing and benchmarking our practices and processes by completing an industry recognized Sustainability Self-Assessment for all Salinas-based Ippolito operations. We will be expanding this program to include all areas where we grow and process fresh produce.
We are focusing our efforts in the following key areas for fresh produce:
Crop Protection and Integrated Pest Management
• Economic Viability
• Ecosystems & Biodiversity
• Energy Management
• Food Safety 
• Fertilizer Management
• Social Accountability
• Soil Management and Conservation
• Waste Reduction and Material Management
• Water Management

Sustainability is not a destination but an investment in our continuous improvement. Stay tuned as we share our progress and successes with our valued employees and customers.
For more information on our Sustainability Program, please contact Alicia Blanco at